Laverne Cox Is The Woman We’ve Been Waiting For

“It is revolutionary for any trans person to choose to be seen and visible in a world that tells us we should not exist.” 

Photos by Jeaneen Lund for BuzzFeed.

Her makeup though

God I fucking love her

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Hocus Pocus. / Costumes: Castle Corsetry / Models: Birds of Play as Winifred and Sarah Sanderson, Chrissy Lynn as Mary Sanderson & Strange Like That Cosplay as Billy Butcherson / Photographer: Joits Photography 

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Anonymous asked: This may be a strange question, but why do you think guys feel entitled to the "cookie" or tend you visualize every woman as a sex object, especially models... I would love to hear your views you seem very enlightened to me? BTW love your tumblr <3


I think we all know what society teaches men and how many of them buy into it. I think we also know that many men know it’s wrong but ignore that and do what they want. A lot of guys see themselves as these strong masculine beings- as “alpha”. They wanna “get what they want”. In all actuallity none of these guys will ever be “alpha” cuz they don’t possess the natural abilities to be a leader and can only get people to do what they want through manipulation, which they have learned through years of emotionally abusing women. I don’t think it’s so much of a question as to why they think this way but more of why do they LET themselves think this way?

As for models and women that show off their body, they see that as an “offering”. Any time a woman displays herself in a way that turns one of these men on they figure she’s “offering” herself to him because in his weak little mind, his good guy persona is the shit and he deserves everything he covets. Also, it’s the perfect opportunity for them to “get what they want”. And there’s so many types of “good guys”- The “I do everything for girls even though they don’t ask me to and get upset when they don’t show me gratitude in the way I desire” good guy, the “I act like an asshole but hey I’m honest. I’ll pretend like I’m your friend but have no intentions of being a good person in the long run” good guy and the “I’m sorry. I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to do that. I’m sorry, I didn’t know better. I didn’t mean to. I swear I’m still a good guy” good guy and probably more. They all have these BS qualities that they find redeeming and making them worthy of being called a good person.

Pretty much to these guys we’re all a Spencer’s gift store and showing skin is an open sign. They know it’s wrong but don’t care and only want temporary satisfaction for their own personal gain.



when i see a clothing item i like and check the price tag


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Jackie Chan is like a 13 year old boy on Facebook

cute adult male asian

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silentknight979 asked: Hey Callie. U are not fat. Your a nice thick plump voluptuous woman. You are a beautiful woman. I wouldn't mind chatting with you when you have some time. Do you have kik if not we can chat here.

I personally identify as a fat women and very much enjoy this identification, as well as the power behind the word fat.
So yeah.

Anonymous asked: whys it say youre retiring your site???

Probably bc my site is retiring. :P

Selena Quintanilla Perez
April 16, 1971 -  March 31, 1995

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I just did this to my fiancee and he laughed and said okay.


I just did this to my fiancee and he laughed and said okay.

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